Top Frequently Asked Questions

The MasterWallet is a prepaid credit card, which allows you to make purchases anywhere in the world.

The MasterWallet card is a virtual credit that allows you to use US dollars, Euros or even Digital Algerian Dinars and crypto assets (in the neer future). for online purchases. And, for the first time ever, when you buy a card with us, it will be activated the same day!

Your card will be activated a few hours after payment is sent.

You will get a new card, with new expiration date, automatically for free when the card expires.

You can use the card anywhere Visa or Master card is accepted. You can also link it to PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other platforms. Your card can also be linked to Aliexpress and other E-commerce sites with the help of our local sales representatives.

You can reload the card with Algerian Dinars through your service rep

US Dollar, Euro, Cryptocurrency or Algerian Dinar. Ask your sales rep if you would like to pay with other types of currency.

Yes. (Available soon with all the profile features!)

Yes! please don't hesitate to ask one of our customer support representatives for details about how to send money to anyone in Northern Africa or anywhere in the world!